Installation time varies with the size of the model and the complexity of the installation. Besides the cost of the model itself, there are several common additional costs that are included on top of the base price.

  • Thickened concrete footing
  • Foundation or structural floor support
  • Structural rework as necessary
  • Labor and Assembly
  • Shipping several tons of stone from Finland
  • Chimney Construction
  • Heat Shield as necessary
  • Code-compliant floor protection

Tulikivi are generally the most “standard” heaters. They are shipped with all soapstone pre-cut and packaged in multiple crates. All we have to do is drive up with the crates, unpack them, and assemble the heater.

Custom heaters are more difficult. If it is a custom Tulikivi, Tulikivi Oyj has additional fees for cutting and shipping the extra soapstone pieces and designing the heater assembly. If it is a custom masonry heater (non-Tulikivi), it will probably be made from stone and brick, for us to design and assemble ourselves.