The Scandinavian Secret

Masonry heaters have been warming homes worldwide for centuries. They adorn countless homes throughout Europe and the demand in North America is steadily growing. 

Unlike a traditional American fireplace or wood stove, which endlessly consumes wood and sends most of your heat straight up the chimney, a masonry heater will radiate warmth into your home for 12 to 24 hours from one armful of wood. As the fire burns at 1500°F or more, the hot flue gases flow through a maze of channels inside the heater’s core, where the heat is stored by the mass of the masonry. During the fire and long after the fire has gone out, radiant heat fills the home while the heater’s exterior stays the perfect temperature to warm your hands and feet without the risk of burns. Some heaters also have a bake oven for pizza, bread, and roasts, or a heated bench to rest on.

Masonry heaters are excellent for those with allergies. They are a closed system and no smoke enters the house. They do not create dangerous biproducts like tar and creosote. And on top of these advantages, they boast very low emissions and are the most efficient wood-fueled heat source available. Masonry heaters are custom built from brick and stone or crafted from solid soapstone by Tulikivi of Finland.  

With a masonry heater, you too can look forward to winter in Minnesota!

Minnesota Masonry Heat designs and builds wood-burning masonry heaters and pizza ovens. We offer custom heater builds made from brick and stone of your choosing and Tulikivi soapstone heaters. We are an official Tulikivi dealer and offer long-term financing on all of our products and services.

As a licensed general contractor, we can do any necessary remodeling, structural support, chimney or roof work desired or required to complete your masonry heater project. We are also an active full-voting member of the Masonry Heater Association of North America.

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