To Know What A Masonry Heater Is, Is To Want One

When compared to a traditional wood or gas fireplace, masonry heaters are vastly superior.

Masonry heaters are the most efficient way to heat with wood, period. Unlike traditional fireplaces or wood burning stoves that send the heat right up the chimney, the heat is stored in the heater. They may be the most efficient heat source available when compared to propane, electricity or natural gas, yet at the same time, unlike fossil fuels, masonry heaters are gentle on the environment.

“Wood heating is a traditional, natural and low-cost form of energy. When burnt, wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into nature’s carbon cycle as it does when it decays in the forest. The price of wood is also competitive compared to that of electricity and oil. Tulikivi fireplaces also use very little wood. Many people use a fireplace as a source of extra heat – a subtle way to cut home heating costs,” – Tulikivi.

This self-sufficient heat source will quickly become the heart of your home. Radiant heat warms its surroundings. The floor will be warm under your feet. A heated bench will become a coveted piece of furniture to rest or read. They can even be upgraded with a bake oven to produce amazing breads, roasts, and pizzas all season. You can rest assured knowing your home will be warm and cozy during the coldest of winters.